The Restaurant Diaries


Carter had never seen a gun, a pocket knife, or illegal drugs before working in a restaurant. When he watched a coworker chase his girlfriend with an ax, he thought maybe food service wasn’t for him. But nothing could mature a naïve fourteen-year-old kid into a seasoned professional like working at some of America’s favorite restaurants for over thirty years. Surviving robberies, scandalous customers, and his first heartbreak all while on the job molded Carter from a boy to a man—with a few stories to tell. The average customer spends over half the year dining out. We love to be served, but what do we know about those who serve us? Rarely do we ponder on the struggles and triumphs restaurant workers experience in the very dining rooms where we’re seated. Well … that all changes now! Carter is dishing it all, giving you a firsthand look into the secrets behind the aprons and smiles. From combative customers to explosive encounters and salacious sexual affairs, he’s holding nothing back, serving it all on a silver platter. Restaurant life is more than just taking orders and whipping up gourmet meals; it’s truth and lies, love and loss, and sometimes life or death. Welcome to The Restaurant Diaries.